Free Mindfulness For Children Exercise

  • November 22, 2022

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A free mindfulness for children exercise created by Elizabeth Mulhane


An exercise in mindfulness of feelings, thoughts and mental objects for young children


This free mindfulness for children exercise focuses on mindfulness of feelings, thoughts and mental objects – for young children and is best delivered, after you yourself have experienced it. So, before teaching this to the children please take the time to do the exercise yourself. When we teach from ‘insight’ we teach from a place of true knowledge and understanding.


When you look at this picture – where do you ‘feel’ your emotions and sensations?

For me, I feel emotion within my face the strongest (even within my eyes) ❤️. Then I notice the sensations flowing down my throat and into my stomach. And I feel sensations traveling through my arms and into my hands.


What automatic thoughts pop into your head?

For me, it’s things like ‘Awwwwww, way too cute’ and ‘one day you will be mine’ ?

This image is powerful enough for just a sitting interacting group session. It’s is a really powerful exercise to promote conscious awareness of feelings (sensations and emotions), and thoughts. I asked the ‘questions’ to you (since I was wanting you to answer – within yourself). However, if you want the kids to just experience this session without answering – remember to use the word ‘notice’, rather than ask them questions (and guide them through the experience). For example, “Notice where you are feeling the joy……Notice how your emotion is making you smile…Notice where the sensations are occurring in your body…maybe you can feel sensations in your throat or arms or hands…. Notice what thoughts are popping into your mind“… (and give them a moment to experience each sensation, emotion or thought). Then they can share their thoughts as a group when quiet reflection is over.


Teaching mental phenomena and the mind’s eye to young children

Printing out the picture and allowing each child to take longer to capture the image in their minds will also help you take the older ones to the next level (of understanding mental phenomena and their mind’s eye). That is, once the session is complete – ask them to close their eyes and see if they can recall, or see the imagine in their mind.

When they say ‘yes’, let them know, “We call these pictures in our minds ‘mental objects’ and we see them with our minds eye” (repeated sessions with different pictures will eventually have them remember the big words – you could also use the word – mental phenomena, or interchange them)…. Then you can say, “And we all have a lot of mental objects in our minds…and they also keep changing, rising up and going away again, keeping your eyes closed, put your hand up if you can also see an image of mum in your mind, or someone else you really love.”

Once most of them have their hands up (should only take a moment) you can say, “OK. everyone open your eyes and lets all share who we saw.” Allow each child to take turns sharing their experience.


Taking the exercise further…

How about we try imagining holding the puppy in our hands. Cup your hands and see if you can imagine the puppy there. Notice how it makes your face feel. Think about whether you prefer to do this with your eyes open or closed“….give them time to experience this.

End the session with a chat about our imaginations. For example, “Our imaginations are so powerful. We are all so very creative. You are all so amazing and you all did so well with this mindfulness exercise. We can use our imagination to create lots of fun experiences – just like this one. And we can do this anytime we want to play in our imaginations. Who thinks this was a fun way to experience feeling good?” “Let’s try this again tomorrow…I will find another really great picture for us to use.”


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Kind regards

Elizabeth Mulhane B.PsychSci(Hons).


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