Amrita Kaur

  • April 7, 2023

  • Author: admin

Student Review

Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you so very much, firstly for the kind and helpful feedback for my script, and secondly, for putting together this incredible course; it is just everything and more than what I had hoped for it to be.

I have been teaching for 18 years (on and off with some breaks to raise my three beautiful boys), and I have always had successful classes, the children that I have taught have been both emotionally and academically brilliant.  Now, I do not tell you this to blow my own trumpet, by no means at all, however for many years I have been asked by my peers, my parents, friends, ‘how do you do it?’ ‘How are your children (both whom I teach, and whom I raise), so happy? So confident? So calm?

I knew from the first day of my career that I wanted to bring kindness, joy, and light to each and every child with whom I interacted over the expanse of my career.  I knew that, despite all those years ago, the words, ‘mindfulness,’ ‘compassion’ and sadly even ‘kindness’ did not really feature explicitly in the educational formats or curriculums; I knew that I would make it my first and foremost goal to ensure that these were indeed the foundations of my teaching practice, just as they are the core values by which I live my own life.

As I have blossomed through my own spiritual and introspective journey, I have come to learn that this is indeed my superpower!  This IS the reason why children under my care have flourished in every way imaginable; love, joy, respect, compassion, kindness, and understanding all implemented through a more mindful and thus meaningful way of life ought to be, in my view, the foundation of all educational practice.  Children have the right to be adorned with the tools and systems and thought processes that will allow them to recognize, love, and cherish themselves, thus equipping them with the will and the joy in seeing these positive attributes in all living beings and our awe-inspiring natural world.

I suppose this course and the accreditation that it has attached to it will provide me with my official license to spread my word and my way of practice; with the vision to slowly but surely, alter the world to be a more loving, kinder, and calmer place for us all, one child at a time…I know that it is possible, the movement has already begun!

I am so sorry, I have gone on a little in this email!  I had just wanted to Thank You, for all of your time and heart, and soul that you have clearly put into this perfect learning journey.

With love and gratitude,

Amrita Kaur