Rashi Dwivedi

  • April 7, 2023

  • Author: admin

Student Review

I recently completed my Mindfulness for Children course. Thank you so much, Elizabeth for creating such a wonderful course. I am so so excited to be part of the community that builds the future and makes this world a more loving and kind place.
The entire course was amazing and I absolutely loved the amount of research and thought that went behind creating this course and making it so comprehensive. I have done another course (on Mindfulness) but it could not give me the confidence that I feel after going through this course. I feel empowered and with the confidence that there is someone ( as knowledgable as you are) I can always go back to for support, I aspire to move ahead.
My deep gratitude to you for creating this course and being the teacher ( and person) you are.

Rashi Dwivedi

Contact: 0405736482