The promotion of wellbeing through sound (part 1).

  • April 7, 2023

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The promotion of wellbeing through sound (part 1).

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”


Nikola Tesla

The promotion of wellbeing through sound (part 1) is part of a series of blogs aimed at providing a thorough understanding of how sound can be used to increase wellbeing.

Our universe is alive with sound, due to the various frequencies and vibrations that everything is producing.  Therefore, we should consciously make the effort to enhance our lives through understanding how sound affects us. Which includes manipulating our environment to achieve the desired results, by exposing ourselves to healing and transformative sounds, or at least eliminate undesirable sounds, that can negatively impact our awareness and therefore our experience.


Recently, science has demonstrated through the use of ultrasound (which operates on frequencies we can not hear) that sound has the power to heal on a cellular level. For example, in one experiment, two groups of rats had lesions made within their mouth areas, and the fastest healing group was the group of rats that experienced the additional ultrasound therapy.  This kind of research clearly demonstrates that although We cannot always hear all the sounds being made (because the average healthy human ear can only detect sounds that fall between the ranges of 20 to 20,000 Hz), they may still be affecting us.


Discoveries surrounding sound, and its energy through frequencies and vibrations, from a variety of different scientific fields of enquiry, including medicine, psychology, biology and quantum physics, have strengthened the holistic energy paradigm behind theories of consciousness, such as the Unifying field of consciousness theory (Llewellyn & Pearson, 2011) that suggests consciousness is the foundation of all existence, And  some theories goes as far as to say, This understanding of ‘consciousness and/or the energy of the universe being viewed as part of one system, rather than separate entities’ (Kumar, 2008), can also be understood in the west as electromagnetic energy or electromagnetism. this energy is also known as Chi in Asian countries and In India it is known as prana.


Whether or not consciousness and electromagnetic energy are the same phenomena or rather, merely emanate from the same origin is still debatable. However, we know for sure that Electromagnetic energy, or chi, is everywhere, which includes within the mind and body. For example, within the brain, electrical charges cause neurons  to fire and activate the channels and gates on the membranes of cells. This In turn governs cellular changes within the mind and body. And it’s not simply the biochemical reactions causing responses, but also the energy itself creates internal cause and effect.


Through quantum physics, we now know that everything in this universe is made up of tiny particles of energy that are vibrating at different frequencies. These frequency all have their own unique sound. For example, electromagnetic waves traveling through the universe, such as sound waves and gamma rays, can be converted by NASA into beautiful musical scores, and a yeast cell sitting in a research laboratory is vibrating at its own unique acoustic frequency range of 0.5-2 kHz, which makes a high clicking sound (Neimark, 2004).


Since our own mind/body is also alive with sound, it seems possible to create healing with sound at the cellualar level, through an alignment at a quantum level. A type of quantum tune up through the use of sound.


Through quantum physics we also know that the nuclei of the atoms that comprise matter, create resonating electric fields. For example, Within the human body this resonating electric field produces waves of information through the constant vibration of our DNA (at a cellular level). So basically, the universe permeates a field of energy, or frequencies that constantly vibrate. And all matter, including ourselves, exists and interacts in various ways, within this unseen sea, or soup of energy.


The unified field of consciousness theory suggests that human consciousness is constantly interacting with the energy, or frequencies that are all around us – through these internal energy charged environments that constitute the physiological components of the brain/mind, and indeed, the body at its cellular level (Llewellyn & Pearson, 2011; Roy, 2003).


Understanding energy and/or conscious energy in this way, helps to understand how the Global Consciousness Project’s, random generator experiments clearly demonstrate that events in the environment affected humanities collective consciousness (Nelson, 2011) and also suggest the reverse is also true.


In conclusion, we have discovered that everything in the universe has its own vibrating frequency and is making a sound – whether we can hear it or not – because everything is made up of tiny particles of energy. Some scientists call this holistic energy field the unifying field of consciousness.

We also know that sound (whether heard or not) affects us on a cellular level. Some sounds can have positive physical healing effect and some sounds benefit our mental wellbeing. Therefore, we can consciously make the effort to use sound to enhance our lives and that of our children on a daily basis.


I hope you have enjoyed ‘the promotion of wellbeing through sound (part 1)’.


  Below I have included some free youtube links to a variety of sounds. Please use them to explore what sounds works within your family home to enhance mood and behaviour. Don’t limit your search to these links but instead explore YouTube to find the perfect mood enhancing sounds for your family.


Calming Music: Nature Sounds, Zen Music

CHOIR sings OM SO HUM Mantra (Must Listen)

Carlos Nakai: Earth Spirit

Powerful Shaman Drumming Native American 4K FIRE (2 HOURS)



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