Ann Wlodarczky 

  • April 7, 2023

  • Author: admin

Student Review

I have waited far too long to leave this review and I apologise for that. Everyone needs to know how amazing this course is.

Over the summer, I completed the Children’s Mindfulness Practitioner course. Yes, it had countless ideas and activities for children. But honestly, more importantly, it has allowed me to nurture a meditation practice that was basically nonexistent before. All of the different types of meditations (ex., mindfulness of breath, mindfulness of thought, gratitude meditation, loving-kindness meditation, sacred geometry meditation, etc.) that I experienced in the course allowed me to really find the ones that work for me. I am now able to confidently guide children through meditations, thanks to the suggestions and feedback that I received from Elizabeth after creating my own.  I also now have a regular meditation practice and can truly feel the difference in myself. It’s subtle, but I actually notice myself pausing and responding instead of reacting immediately. I believe this is from practicing mindfulness and meditation and learning how to allow things to flow through me as opposed to fighting against them.

Not only are the modules, videos, lectures and activities interesting, but they are extremely valuable and I have found myself logging back into the course to re-read something or to watch a video again and gain a deeper understanding. If you are thinking about taking this course, please do it. You’ll be giving yourself a gift as well as gifting those around you with a much more balanced, compassionate and aware individual. Oh yeah, and you will learn a ton if you plan on teaching mindfulness to children. Thank you so much Elizabeth!

Ann Wlodarczky