Elisa Brasher

  • April 7, 2023

  • Author: admin

Student Review

Dear Members,

I have just completed the Internationally Accredited Mindfulness for Children’s Practitioner Certificate Course designed and delivered by Elizabeth Mulhane.

A brilliant course for Early Childhood Educators, teachers & therapist with the emphasis of successfully linking to the Early Years Learning Framework of belonging, being and becoming through mindfulness and meditation .

The self-paced course was brilliant resourceful and informative. The assessments included quizzes and practical assignments , but the most exceptional part was Elizabeth herself.

A true specialist in this subject and her insight, knowledge and information shared throughout this course was invaluable.

Every ounce of personal feedback was not only insightful but positively constructive and the most important critical part of the overall learning.

As an Early Childhood Educator and business owner of Striving Minds I have gained over 30 years of professional experience in examining the whole child in the physical, cognitive, personal, socio-emotional  aspects of early childhood development and learning.

I truly believe it is important to lay the foundation of mindfulness practice during these early formative years of child’s life as it acts as a critical building block for children’s emotional wellbeing.

A sound and holistic approach to teaching children and recognising the connectedness of mind, body and spirit.

However the learning extends further to the mind,body and spirit as children begin to recognise the connections between themselves, families and communities and their learning becomes integrated, holistic and focuses on connections to the natural world.

As Educators we foster children’s capacity to understand and respect the natural environment and the interdependence between people, plants, animals & land.

This course is brilliant in its entirety specialising in the Early Years with a 10 week mindfulness based creative play program and mindfulness of eating program especially catered for the age range 3-6 years.

Mindfulness education is so important in early childhood settings as it has been scientifically proven to lessen anxiety, stress and build resilience within children whilst playing a crucial role in building children’s social- emotional development bringing about a calm ,enriching environment which will promote and nurture children’s mental health and wellbeing.

I will be forever grateful and appreciative of the knowledge and learning I gained throughout this brilliant course. My heartfelt thankyou to you Elizabeth.

Kind regards

Elisa Brasher