Marina Odysseos

  • April 7, 2023

  • Author: admin

Student Review

I highly recommend this course as it offers information on a plethora of aspects relating to Mindfulness. I started on this journey about a year ago, and even though meditation and mindfulness had already been an integral part of my life, I’ve definitely gained a lot from this course. It has helped me delve deeper into the practice, it has given me valuable tools that I now use everyday for my well-being and has proven that everything – spirituality, mindfulness, meditation, love, compassion, values etc (it’s endless really)- are all interconnected. Once that realization sinks in, mindfulness becomes a modus vivendi.

 I strongly believe that in this modern world that we live in, finding practices that help us cope with the overwhelming stress, the ceaseless overthinking and the physical weariness that accompanies them, are of paramount importance. This course, and of course Elizabeth, do exactly that. They offer us an alternative approach, a healthier method, to face our lives and the world through the lens of empathy, kindness and of course love, that will eventually bring light into our paths – and those around us. Children deserve everything. If we can teach them how to tap into their happiness, compassion and full potential, it is beyond all doubt that they will shape all generations to come.

Marina Odysseos