Staff @ Avoca Beach Preschool

  • April 7, 2023

  • Author: admin

3 Hour Workshop for childcare centres.

Here’s what the staff at Hillside Preschool had to say:

The more time I spent with you the more calm and connected I became. You are very knowledgeable and are very passionate. I loved the shape in the booklet, how important sound is and how our brains automatically connect to one another.’

Very interesting. Learned a lot. You were an interesting person.’ “Could have been longer. Eg., A Day seminar (but after work so tired).”

“I enjoyed the experience, although personally found it difficult to erase thoughts and concentrate but will definitely practice more, as I found it very interesting. Look forward to teaching the children what we have learned. Thanks”

“I found this a really amazing experience, I feel like I have more knowledge on how to help children experience mindfulness.’

This workshop was empowering as I felt I could incorporate this into our day with the children. Great information from you Elizabeth.”

“I found this great for my own personal development and wellbeing. It was interesting and I feel will help me professionally and personally. I felt I have learned a lot and have a new understanding.’ ‘I enjoyed the group activities.

Avoca Beach Preschool

6 Hillside Rd, Avoca Beach