Sammy Clark

  • November 21, 2022

  • Author: admin

Student Review

Thank you so much Elizabeth – For your support, for your time, and your kindness in sharing knowledge. This course has been so much more then I could have imagined. It has been a incredible journey, of self discovery.

Elizabeth delivers the information in such a way, I felt shifts happening within myself. I felt that I was slowing down in my very busy daily routine. I feel more present and have become aware of myself, our environment and all around me, on a different level. This course has help in my personal life, I am a mum of four and work full time as an educator, you have taught me valuable lessons on navigating through life. Here I was signing up to do this for my workplace, when it is so much more. I have

implement everything you teach us, in the class, coming from a mindful approach. We learn how to read ourselves, the environment and children and how to make the changes we need. Thank you.

I believe our children will be the change, this world needs, and this course is what helps us adults, to arm the children with tools to become the kind compassionate,

flourishing adults and to bring back the peace and love and harmony we so need.

Elizabeth hand on heart, the best course I have done.

Sammy Clark
Assistant Director

Owner of Blue Sky Minds