Workshop Participant Reviews

  • April 7, 2023

  • Author: admin

3 Hour Workshop – Reviews from a group of participants

Elizabeth designed a 3 hours program to specifically cater for the needs of the Drama Toolbox (Melbourne, Australia). A group of dedicated ladies that bring creative drama programs into schools and wanted to also learn how to include mindfulness. Here’s what they had to say after being asked to provide a review that included a critical comment in order to improve the workshops:

Great thinking outside the box and understanding the ‘be’ of physical and mental strategies in mindfulness. It would have been good to cover some theory more in detail; cognitive-behavioral; stress reduction theories. However, this may have impacted on our time.”

“Some great ideas – specifically for kids and adults, especially me! You’ve taught me how easily I can incorporate a number of strategies in different ways. I enjoyed everything. Thank you!”

“Great practical ideas to use! You opened my eyes as to how much mindfulness I was already doing (despite me thinking that I was doing done!) I loved your hands-on approach. Thank you so much!”
“Thank you for opening my mind to endless concepts and skills that can be used to teach and do mindfulness. Found it very helpful and I can’t wait to implement what I have learned.”

“Thanks, Elizabeth. Your session was full of practical ideas we can actually use in our Drama workshops.”

“Thank you for illuminating the differences between visual and physical mindfulness. Thank you for giving me tools to improve my vocabulary, trust my instincts, and share my energy. I would have liked more physicality in the workshop.”

Lots of opportunities to brainstorm specific practical examples that we can use.”

“Loved how you catered the workshop for our needs. The brainstorming and lesson planning were particularly useful.”